Many record albums are quite common, but not in excellent condition. We hand choose only the finest LP's from a variety of sources to bring you the best quality. Every LP is carefully inspected under a 150 watt bulb and cleaned (if needed) and VG++ (or less) are spot play checked (if time allows). We no longer play all records due to time constraints so if there is a problem with the playback we will refund your money back (plus postage). Find out why we have so many repeat customers. Keep checking back as we will be adding thousands of titles over the next few months.

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SS (still sealed) is the top grade, and LP's should be Mint, any defects in covers will be noted.

M (mint) as new "unplayed". Mint doesn't really exist (perfect 10) but is a range of quality from M- to perfection. There is a real need to separate the really nice from the near perfect, since everything seems to be M- these days (especially on ebay). Mint means NO signs of spindle trails. NO "sleeve scuffs". NO marks whatsoever. Will look and play like a brand new record. Generally these come from old store stock, distributors, radio stations. and seldom from collectors (who always play them at least a couple of times).

M- (mint minus) Shows only the faintest sign of use, like one spindle trail on one side or a tiny mark that doesn't affect play. Could also be a mint record with a tiny mark or scuff. NO SCRATCHES. Will play like a Mint record. This is a very abused grade, and many sellers use M- for most anything. A record MUST be cleaned and inspected under at least a 100 watt bulb before it is graded.

VG++ (very good ++) Has seen some plays by a careful enthusiast. You may see a very light scuff or or very light scratches that may affect play, especially in the quiet parts and  between tracks. At the most you may hear an occasional light tick or pop, but nothing more than a bit of dust or dirt would make.

VG+ (very good +) This is your average used record in decent condition. Not of much interest to an audiophile, but will still be enjoyable despite some possible snap, crackle and pop. Will have a few light scratches, but nothing offensive like repeated clicks.

VG (very good) Average used record with scratches. You see lots of these at flea markets for $1 and that's all they're worth, so we seldom bother with them.

G (good) Good for ashtrays, weathervanes, clocks, and the landfill.


SS (still sealed) is the top grade, and is usually Mint, but if the cover has defects like bent corners, drill or punch holes, saw marks, etc. they will be noted.

M (mint ) is not used in cover grading (here) because we rarely see any. Usually only brand new items are mint. A 60's record still in the shrink wrap usually has some edge wear on the opening side.

M- (mint minus) Only very tiny traces of edge wear, paint flaking, corner bumps. No noticeable ring wear.

VG++ Slightly more wear is evident, but nothing other than rub marks (especially to edges), and light ring wear.

VG+ These are your average used album covers that have seen some use. Slight bends or creases, noticeable ring wear. Not trashed but very good.

NOTE: ALL defects like split seams, writing on cover, stains, stickers, taped seams, drill holes, etc. will be noted.



 bc = back cover
 cc = clipped corner
 fc = front cover
 s/t = self titled
 sm = saw mark or cut in jacket
 wlp = White Label Promo
 SS = still sealed
 TS = Timing strip
 lbl = label
 Promo (e) = Promo stamp (usually in gold) slightly embossed on cover , as opposed to an ink hand stamp.
 pcc, promo clipped corner, some companies like UA were too cheap to make promo stickers so they simply cut the corners off so they couldn't be sold at retail.
 wol = writing on label
 wobc = writing on back cover
 wofc = writing on front cover


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