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747 1960s  Soul/R&B 45s
A-L     M-Z
2997 1970s  Soul/R&B 45s
A-D     E-I     J-M     N-S     S-Z
2662 1980s  Soul/R&B 45s
A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z  
544 1960s  Garage/Psych/Obscure Rock 45s 4-18-13
757 1960s  Rock/Pop Hits, etc. 45s 4-18-13
4057 1970s  Rock/Pop 45s
A-B   C-D   E-G   H-K   LM   N-R   S   T-Z
4997 1980s  Rock/Pop 45s
A-B   C-D   E-G   H-K   LM   N-R   S   T-Z
498 1990s  Rock/Indie/Alternative/Punk  7" 12-17-12
334 Re-Issue 45s 8-16-12
196 Novelty / Comedy / Weird  45s 2-02-13
267 Instrumental  45s 1-1-14
1408 1950s & 1960s  Country/Western  45s
A-L     M-Z
5672 1970s & 1980s  Country/Western  45s 2-15-13
1305 Male  Artists (1950s & 1960s) 45s
A-L     M-Z
1077 Female  Artists (1950s & 1960s) 45s
A-L     M-Z
344 Christmas  45s 11-20-12

Many records are fairly common, but not in excellent condition. We hand choose only the finest 45's from a variety of sources to bring you the best quality. Every 45 is carefully inspected under a 150 watt bulb and cleaned (if needed) and VG++ (or less) are play checked. We offer 100% satisfaction or your money back (plus postage). Find out why we have so many repeat customers. Keep checking back as we will be adding thousands of titles over the next few months.



MINT........ (Mint) is rarely used in 45 grading because it's an ideal state (perfect), and belongs with infinity, absolute zero, bottomless, etc.  People who frequently use Mint may have poor eyesight, or are the ones that can't see the forest through the trees. Having said that, there is a real need to distinguish between the "new" looking discs and the excellent. Mint will look exactly like it was made last week. NO marks, NO signs of being played, NO label wear. Mint means no matter how hard you look you can't find anything wrong with it. In the collecting world Mint can be considered a range from M- to a nonexistent perfect 10. Beware of "new old store stock", these can range from VG to VG++ (rarely MINT). It depends on how carefully they were stored. The term MINT is frequently used by neophytes and lazy or indifferent sellers who spend 2 seconds in bad light checking the record. MINT  UNPLAYED is also a joke, except if the record has been in the sellers possession since it was made. There is no way that you can tell if a record has been carefully played a few times on a quality stylus.  On these 45 lists only 45s that came directly from the distributor and were in clean boxes are graded Mint (or new)

M-............ (Mint Minus) means nearly new and looks near perfect. May have a very light mark which is evident only under very close scrutiny, and completely inaudible. Shows NO groove wear. May have been played but doesn't look it. NO scratches or scuffs.

VG++.........This is a very well cared for item. May show slight signs of wear or slight scuffs or extremely light scratches when looking under a bright light but will play as well as a M- record.

VG+...........An obviously used, but not abused record. Will have light scratches that may affect play during quiet parts of the music, and slight wear may be evident in the grooves. Only minor noise and no repeated clicks, pops or ticks from scratches. NO distortion of sound from excess wear (as is common with juke box 45s, and 45s that have been played with a bad needle). . All VG+ 45s are play checked to make sure they play Very Good. If they don't they are G or less. Sometimes the sound will improve greatly after a few plays and another thorough cleaning.....but not always. Some records are just made of poor quality vinyl (especially 50s discs).

VG............Beginning to look like it may not play well, but does indeed play well. Beware of the dealers who grade by sound. You may get a VG record that plays M-.....and they call it a M-. The good dealers will say looks VG plays EX.

VG-...........Noise will be evident at intro and outro, and quiet parts of the music, but not overbearing.

G+...........A worn and scratched record that plays well, (no skips).

G ..............A worn and scratched record that plays only OK.


NOTE : All defects of the label are always noted......stickers, writing, stains, etc. We will be glad to give further information on any record listed here. CAUTION: we are human and we do make mistakes. Sometimes we don't play both sides all the way through and miss something (but not too often), so if it happens, just relax, because  EVERYTHING IS FULLY GUARANTEED.


dh = a drill hole in the label. These are unsold records that were returned to the distributor then sent to discount stores to sell at reduced prices.

ds = date stamp on label. Radio stations sometimes stamped the discs when they arrived, so you see this mainly on promo 45's.

DJ = a special promotional issue made for Radio Stations

l/s = long /short versions of the same song (usually on DJ copies)

lt = label tear, usually from the removal of a sticker.

m/s = mono / stereo , mostly on DJ copies

sl wp = slight warp , does not affect play at 1- grams of stylus weight

sol = sticker on label

sos = sticker on (picture) sleeve

tol = tape on label

wol = writing on label

wos = writing on (picture) sleeve

Note: Some colored vinyl appears black, but when held up to the light it may actually be a translucent grey, brown or red.  These will be marked with an asterisk for example (
Red*). A regular Red vinyl disc will not have an asterisk.

Feel free to email with any Questions ????






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